ME:XICO feels:     


with photos

& soundtrack by @ms.opiu

h.i.p  where were the photos taken?

@ms.opiu Holbox island & Cancun

h.i.p  how did you decide to go there?

@ms.opiu 2 years ago, I quit my previous job. i was working in marketing & BTL for an extreme sports & sports equipment division. it was a random decision after a short talk with my boyfriend, to go on a trip for a longer time. anywhere on the globe, but as far as possible from home. we flew 10000 miles. exactly this time last year I was in Mexic, the Yucatan peninsula. it was our last stop before returning to Europe, after leaving Panama (Bocas del Toro), where we lived for 3 months, followed by Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize. this Central America tour was like a personal spiritual coming of age and a confirmation that I don’t need too much to be happy. i don’t feel I belong to my birth place or any place, for that matter. we lived 4 months in a 100% nomadic style. we did what we wanted, when we wanted, where we wanted. some time ago, I wanted to be a flight attendant so I could travel the world without limits. I didn’t get to the final interview, didn’t become a flight attendant, but the dream was still alive. so I left only with my backpack, my passport and my credit card. it wasn’t the first attempt at living free, but it was definitely a very meaningful experience I will never forget.

h.i.p  what made you take photos of street art? how would you describe the impulse?

@ms.opiu everything in Central America felt different. people, mentality, nature, sky, values, human identity. with every step you came across something very different from your usual local reality. I was swept into a loop of curiosity, absorbing everything the moment offered and I wanted to be fully present. also, I felt there was art in every corner and everywhere I looked. there was art even in piles of garbage. there was joy, no bad vibes, color and a lot of serenity. in my opinion, Bucharest feels grey even in sunshine or glitter dust.

h.i.p  what were you feeling while taking the photos?

@ms.opiu an avid thirst to collect as many memories as I could, so I could revisit them when I miss it, when I feel like throwing myself into another escapade but I can’t, when I want to run away from the world or just run to myself. I was really afraid of battery low or no memory space. and it was the right strategy, because once a month I scroll through the photos and smile. and want more. I’d like to live all my life in a continuous search and stretched to the extremes. the mundane, the monotony and the daily repetitive rituals make me psychotic and depressive.

h.i.p  what photo brings back the best feelings?

@ms.opiu the nun smoking from a joint, the perfect antithesis. she was painted on our hostel’s terrace, on Holbox Island. it's crazy! you really need to get there. you can skip everything from Mexico apart from this place. it’s demented, pulsing with life, turquoise waters, murals at every step, full bars and people eating on the sidewalks, latino music. a kind of Mexican Vama Veche, but with a lot of expats and youngsters who travel the world for months. #noworries.

h.i.p  what would be your next destination?

@ms.opiu the worst part is that now I constantly long for this kind of nomad situation. the next similar plan was supposed to be Asia. meanwhile, I adopted 2 dogs that are 100% dependent on my existence, and I also chose to get employed again, this time as a brand manager at Footshop. to sum up, it’s easy to want something, but it’s way harder to make it happen. so for anyone with the spark of going in the trip of their lifetime, just do it, do it now. (well, as soon as possible). don’t let regrets gather. money will come, you can take a day job on the beach, at the surf camps, in tourism, digital marketing etc. you’ll find something, if you really want to. the important thing is to get that plain ticket, the rest is just #lifestyle.

h.i.p  @ms.opiu, please fill in the blanks:

I feel most alive when: I do trekking and mountaineering.

I feel truly happy when: life experiences give me adrenaline.

I couldn’t imagine my life without: nature.

h.i.p  what’s your favorite word?

@ms.opiu freedom

h.i.p  what’s your funniest memory from Mexico?

@ms.opiu don’t think I have one funniest memory. lately I haven’t felt quite funny, mostly serious.

h.i.p  if you could've captured in a jar one sensation that you felt there, to take home and keep forever, how would you describe the content of the jar?

@ms.opiu it would have wide & pristine beaches, waves with moreno surfers, starfish, all the sunrises and the sunsets in one image, palms full of coconuts, a different positioning of the Milky Way and another sky under the stars, mirroring cardinal points, thousands of photos and naturally bleached hair. I could go on with this until I have  thousands of litres in that jar :))

h.i.p  how do you usually dream? B&W/colors? do you remember what you dream? is there a “genre”?

@ms.opiu when I dream it usually happens to be reality. maybe a more out-of-phase reality, but not too SciFi. usually in colors. I would name the dreams my “Identity Kit”. that’s all I remember.

h.i.p  if you were to give as a gift, to someone you really love, one moment when you were truly happy (like, ever), so they could feel what you felt, what shape would the gift take?

 @ms.opiu it would be a Toblerone chocolate bar. the packaging features the most beautiful mountain in the world – Matterhorn - the perfect pyramid. 4.478m altitude conquered in 2015, a gift from my dad, exactly at the anniversary of 150 years since the peak was first conquered by man. the whole climb was pure bliss, euphoria and adrenaline. we had with us all the stories about Matterhorn, a sky full of stars and we were very close to the Creator. I’m forever grateful for this experience and the chance.

h.i.p  if a crystal ball could tell you the truth about anything in the world, what would you wanna know?

 @ms.opiu I’d like to know “who am I and what am I doing here?”

h.i.p  for what are you most grateful in your life?

 @ms.opiu I’m grateful to have what I have, as much as I have, because this much is what I knew how to ask for. and this much is what I needed to have. thank you for then, now and there!