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may the 4th of #streetart be with you.

Updated: May 4, 2020

i'm a street art groupie and i LOVE it. through their art, street artists around the world made the cities i've seen more beautiful and adventurous, they gave me a sense of meaning, the certainty that i was on the right path in my life by triggering powerful joy through images. and as I am a very visual person, it made me feel connected to the very deep soul not only of those cities, but to the world itself. i felt connected to EVERYTHING. and most of all, it helped me understand who i was in connection to everything.

so. obsessively curious as I am, I always wonder about what makes other people themselves, what do they like, why do they like what they like but most of all: what does it mean to them? so as not to get too crazy, i focus my obsessions on collections of stuff.

after posting all the photos on this website i realised that i had "mini collections" aka multiple photos from the same artist, either from the same city or from different cities.

for example i found @invaderwashere in


@camillewalala in LONDON:

@stikstudio in LONDON & NY:

@hektad._official in NY:


@einesigns in MADRID, LONDON & MOSCOW:

@kobrastreetart in NY & AMSTERDAM:

@thierrynoir + @invaderwashere in LONDON & BERLIN:

@dface_official in NY:

sooo,,, if you have the same obsession with collection, let's talk. <3

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